Monday, December 22, 2008

More from Indy.......

More pictures from Indy. While killing time, I had my camera out trying to take what I could. Not to bad, not stellar. Lots of noise in the pics. I didn't have my tripod. If I go back in this weather, I'll have my tripod in tow. I had it, but of course, I left it in the truck.

"Washington St."

f/4 1/25 iso800 @40mm

"The Bench"

f/4 1/30 iso400 @17mm

"The Body 2"

f/4 1/25 iso400 @17mm

"The Body"

f/4 1/25 iso400 @17mm

"The Fish"

f/4 1/25 iso800 @40mm

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